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KZE-B ISO14540 high pressure Thread Locked type hydraulic quick couplers (steel)

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KZE-B Thread Locked type hydraulic quick couplers (steel). KZE-B Series couplings with their threaded union locking system and precision ball-type check valves, are designed for extreme high pressure applications such as portable hydraulic jacks.
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KZE-B hight pressure Thread Locked type hydraulic quick couplers (Carbon steel).

Body Size (In) 1/4 3/8
Rated Pressure (PSI) 10000 10000
Rated Flow (GPM) 3 6
Temperature Range (std seals) -20to + 80
Standard seal material 

KZE-B Series couplings feature:
1.Machined from solid steel barstock for durability.
2.The KZE-B Series employ a threaded sleeve locking mechanism, mates with matching male threads on the nipple. The two halves must be manually threaded together for connection.
3.Hard, chrome alloy balls are used for valving. They are spring loaded for positive seating of the valve.
4.The valve provides a metal-to-metal seal between the ball and coined seat.
5.The interface seal is polyurethane which resists high pressure extrusion.
6.A threaded valve retainer provides a valve stop that assures positive valve alignment.
7.Compatible with PARKER 3000 Series and FASTER PVVM Series.

KZE-B ISO14540

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