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How do you identify a hydraulic quick coupler?

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What is a hydraulic coupler?

Hydraulic Coupler Set — Designed for high-pressure operation in agricultural, mobile, and industrial equipment applications, these couplers can be quickly attached or detached. The tapered threads connect to form a fluid-tight seal, helping to maximize hydraulic system productivity.

How to Identify Quick Coupler Pieces?

Quick Couplers can be confusing because they have two ends that can both be identified as male or female. The body piece has a socket to receive the plug. It can be male or female depending on what type of threads are on the opposite end, but it will always be a socket. The plug fits into the socket, and can also be male or female, but it will always be a plug. Quick couplers allow you to snap equipment and accessories together.

How do quick connectors work?

The quick connections are calculated on the basis of the temperature and the arrangement. The warm water, the pressure will be suppressed, will adhere to the contour. These do with the spread and maturity of plastics.

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