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Insist on quality hydraulic fittings, but not wanna win one-time business due to prices.

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About the hydraulic fittings, today, we talk the hydraulic adapters first. 

How to check the quality of the simple fittings? first of all, it is material, we use 45# carbon steel and do slinging processing. 

Second, raw material technology. for some types, can not choice barstock, we choice hot forging material, but not cold-forged material. 

Third, the size of the material, we produce the fittings strictly according to EATON standard. 

Fourth, thread machinning, we use CNC machines, and control it from the half-finished products. 

Fifth, surface treatment, we do environmentally closed galvanizing, can accept 72h salt spray test. 

Six, products packing and the lable on the carton, must make you satisfied, also can tell us your requirements, we must do best to meet you. 

we put some products photos, you must can find these out through them, also we can offer samples.




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