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How to find the right hydraulic hose fittings?

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Hydraulic hose fittings are used to connect hydraulic hoses, tubes, and pipes to pumps, valves, cylinders and other parts of the hydraulic system. So what happens if you pick a wrong fitting?Unfortunately, something as small as a fitting can quickly decrease the efficiency of the whole hydraulic system and even pose a major safety issue.

If you are too high to choose the forms, materials, threading and the coverage of options, save your time and check how you can choose the right choice for your work.

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Explained

For many of us, the first time we have to decide on which type of hydraulic hose fitting to use is during the hose assembly. Crimping is the most popular method assembling the hydraulic hose. It is always a good idea to ask yourself five major questions about S.T.A.M.P. (size, temperature, application, materials/media, and pressure) before you get started with any hose assembly. Once the specifications have been defined, the hose assembly technician can get to work. The process can vary by crimper model, but typically the technician marks the insertion depth on the hose, applies lubricant to the fitting stem, pushes it inside the end of the hose, and inserts it into the crimper die. Finally, the technician secures the fitting permanently onto the hose by activating the crimper’s power unit to apply pressure. The hose assembly technician would be able to assist you in finding the best fitting and assist you with any questions.

Materials Hose Fittings Are Made Of

Hoses, as well as fittings, come in many different types and materials. Importantly, the material used for the hydraulic hose fitting defines its properties. Most common fittings are made of plastic, steel, stainless steel, or brass.

  • Plastic fittings generally are considered more resistant to the corrosion but are weaker and less durable. Therefore, they are the least popular choice when it comes to hydraulic applications despite their low price. Due to the high-pressure ratings, metal fittings are a better fit.

  • Steel fittings come as a mix of iron with some other metals to make them more durable and improve the resistance to the heat. For example, carbon steel fittings made of the mixture of iron and carbon can withstand the temperatures from -65°F to 500°F.

  • Stainless steel fittings are used when the temperature range required for the job is -425°F to 1200°F. They are an excellent choice for highly corrosive environments. Usually, they are rated up to 10,000 psi. Some of the stainless steel fittings with special designs can be rated up to 20,000 psi. However, the high price makes them less affordable, so other alternatives are usually considered.

  • Brass fittings are less strong and durable than stainless steel. They can provide a leak-free operation and meet SAE, ISO, DIN, DOT, and JIS standards. Brass fittings temperature range is -65°F to 400°F. They accommodate pressure up to 3000 psi, but lower pressure ranges are usually recommended.

  • Aluminum fittings are significantly lighter than steel and are corrosion-resistant. Due to their low weight, they are commonly used in the automotive industry.

Types of Hydraulic Hose Fittings

The two main categories include:

  • Permanent Crimp Fittings – The most common type of fittings. They require a presence of the crimping machine to attach a hose to a fitting.

  • Field Attachable – They are an excellent choice if you do not have access to the crimper provided that your hose is "field attachable fitting" compatible.

What's Next?

It is important to remember to inspect your hoses and fittings for a secure connection and any leaks every couple of months. Even new fitting, if it was selected wrong, can cause problems. Although picking a hydraulic fitting sometimes feels overwhelming, if you follow our simple guide, it should not be a problem anymore.

If you want to learn more about selecting hydraulic fittings, please contact us.

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